Koshai Dauntless Trial Guide: How to Sub 5 & Top 100 Solo

Koshai Dauntless Trial Guide: How to Sub 5 & Top 100 Solo

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I figured this week I would change it up a bit when it came to the Dauntless Trial content. This video will go over more of an average trial run, and point out what I’m doing and why.
Let me know if you enjoy this style, and would like to see more of these in the future!
This run in particular likely won’t stay top 100 on chain blades until the end of the week, as chain blades are going to be one of the more competitive weapons due to their consistency at finishing a trial.
Build I used: https://www.dauntless-builder.com/b/w3Ug2iJC45fEXUkcdUATZTgHMTaJixCE5FvWi6CQzF5ecEC20TZqh3CzvcWC1J
Drask Lantern for Faster shock procs, Pangar lantern for slowing koshai down a bit & dealing with the styxians. Seems to be a bit of a preference thing for an average run.
When you’re confident in getting a run where you don’t take damage, head over to berserker instead of parasitic. If you get hit enough in a run anyway, it wouldn’t be a top time due to Koshai’s healing mechanic.

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