Dauntless Trial (perfect ending) – Rezakiri (30 April 2021)

Dauntless Trial (perfect ending) – Rezakiri (30 April 2021)

There are many reasons why people hate Rezakiri! For me it’s because his small tail that is so hard to hit, he’s always flying thus makes it hard to stagger, his attacks are deadly, etc. When Reza shows up in trial with some modifications, oh man, nightmare!

However, this week, colourful M & M might help! Don’t lose hope!

As you can see in this video, I want to share you my safe run! Cascade + Rifty bond! Of course, if you are going for top time or better time than this run, try to use Shrowd bond and try to get hit to activate the special effect. But just get hit once, don’t do like me losing predator many times in this run :P.

I don’t think there is special tips for this week. May be just keep hitting and take careful attention to the shock wave, the safest way is to pull yourself towards Reza, then do another special + light attack. Sometimes if you do dodge, but in the direction of the shock wave, you will still take the hit because the shock wave has quite long AoE.

I think the time I got here is good enough for CB Leaderboard but definitely not a global board time! But I do love to share this because I got perfect ending when killing Reza, watch it for yourself!

My Reza trial effort doesn’t stop here! I will try to do better!

Well then, as always, good luck for those who try to get the Gold Crown! You can do it!

Build: https://www.dauntless-builder.com/b/0XUnLtnC5rtrLs2cWUmTaTWzFeTM4HzCMMToVigCOJfVWT1C4NhWhXCB5cyFez

Song: Cash Cash – Satellites