Boreus Dauntless Trial – Sword Solo – 2:17

Boreus Dauntless Trial – Sword Solo – 2:17

Hey guys, knero here. I luckily (!) didn’t need many runs with spin2win to get this time – maybe around 100-150 runs – BUT Boreus Trials are EXTREMELY RNG, beware…
I don’t think I can replicate this run… but build and tips are in the description regardless. I hope you enjoy!
1) General tips:
– Don’t expect consistent runs

First phase:
– drop whenever, bait the dash attack (sometimes it summons a wave of adds… that could be nice?)
– use spin2win special ASAP, if you get hit, Parasitic will help you heal up
– try to stay at tail-leg area, so you are close enough to focus legs again if it does more stomp attacks. Try to dodge
– ideally/if possible, trigger 1st weak spot with your “finishing hit” of your spin2win special
– Boreus will now put its armor up

Second phase:
– When OD meter is full, use spin2win if there are adds around or enough heal/green orbs because Ice armor doesn’t give you health back if you hit
– not sure on this one: If Boreus has Ice armor, hit bombers near Boreus, so you get the empowered attack of adds and the bomber explosion will also deal damage to Ice armor
– after the Ice armor breaks (roughly after 1 min of spinning) – you could stagger him with bombers, if they are there – and focus and trigger 2nd weak spot (ideally with spin2win finisher hit); re-pot

Third phase:
– get your OD meter back up to spin2win ASAP, it will enrage soon. Around that, third weak spot should appear. Again: ideally, trigger 3rd weak spot with spin2win finisher hit
– it should die very soon after that

2) Boop/interrupts and parries:
– empty :d

3) Part breaks/stagger:
– see section “General tips” :d

4) RNG factors:
– AI movement is sometimes RNG
– spawn of weak spots is RNG (you want them on legs: easier to hit, and possible part break)
– wether you have more spitters or more bombers, that’s also RNG
– sometimes it summons one wave, sometimes two waves before 1st Ice armor. That’s kinda RNG (but I had the feeling it could be manipulated… not sure)
– Cascade+6 for orbs
— collect red orbs if you know it already did two stomp attacks (you could tank a 3rd stomp attack; very unlikely for Boreus to do a 4th stomp attack)
— collect green orbs or hit the summoned adds after taking a hit; Parasitic+3 will help you back to life
— collect purple orbs if no adds are around (and you know that it is going to do the stomp attacks)

—- but maybe switch out Cascade+6 for Cascade+3 & Energized+3 (you can play without purple orbs); possibly better spin2win timings?
—- After I showed Texas-Ranger my run, he also said to maybe drop two cells and instead, use Cunning+6: either drop Cascade+3 and/or OP+3 and/or Parasitic+3

– Parasitic+3 (you should not cancel spin because you need to get rid of its Ice armor and in many cases, you will likely tank one stomp attack, even when you try to move away)
– Dauntless Patch 1.6.2
Intro: (0:00)
Pot, drop whenever; then bait the dash: (0:07)
Get OD meter ASAP and activate spin2win (if possible, ASAP): (0:16)
Unlucky weak spot trigger during bomber explosion stagger: (0:39)
Get your OD meter back: (0:50)
Follow Boreus to not waste time: (1:05)
Usually 2, sometimes 3 stomp attacks: (1:09)
Now enough adds there to tank a stomp and heal back up: (1:22)
Lucky, Ice armor breaks right before spin2win ends: (1:42)
Re-Pot & get OD meter ASAP:(1:52)
Spin2win; enrage should come soon: (2:07)
Part break & focus next weak spot to finish it there: (2:20)
Outro: (2:32)
Music: “Band of Brothers” by Eddy Pradelles (

Intro song: “Absolute Determination” by Eddy Pradelles & Julien Vonarb (
Intro picture (edited by me), original pictures taken from:

Outro song: “Jacuzzi” by Jobii (
Outro picture:

I only use the music in the video for the (educational) gameplay – I do not own any of the songs. If you are the producer/owner of the music, and you do not want your music being shared, please let me know and I will remove the music out of the video.
Video editing program: VSDC (free version) – I edited the video for the educational purposes of playing the game mode “Dauntless Trials” in the game “Dauntless”.