Why am I starting Dauntless again? [Dauntless]

Why am I starting Dauntless again? [Dauntless]

I really miss you friends.

I realized that the current troubles were somehow overcome, but I always felt incomplete without you. That’s why I decided to go back.

We are going back to everything as before, even better than before. Our Discord server is in the setup phase, and I have created a membership system for those who want to support.

All you have to do is visit my channel and support you with the appropriate support package. I add friends in-game to those who join the channel. And when I’m not recording video, we get the chance to play together.

Our Discord server will be open to everyone. but there will be a member registration system. Participants must indicate their name, age and language spoken.

I will set up separate channels for each weapon, and in time, I will bring together the masters of each weapon and let them answer your questions.

I plan to be a useful discord server for everyone. I hope everything turns out the way we want.

I’ll keep you posted as time goes on. Hello everyone again.