Skraev Dauntless Trial – Solo 0:43 Hammer

Skraev Dauntless Trial – Solo 0:43 Hammer

Hammer meta yessir.

Build used:

Tips for the trial:
1. His face/horns isn’t affected by tough hide, and if you destroy the horns he won’t spawn whiteout.
2. You can bait the boop quite early by just gaining some distance. If you don’t kill him in one boop then you can bait another one every 40-50 seconds after the previous boop.
3. If you’re using strikers, you can get mantras off the ice but it’s very situational. If you’re using hammer, you can get aethercharged ammo off of the ice but that is also situational.
4. Because of Tough Hide actually working this time, you’re better off just focusing the head rather than going for a wing/leg break.

Good luck!

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