Kharabak Dauntless Trial – Sword Solo – 2:22 min

Kharabak Dauntless Trial – Sword Solo – 2:22 min

Hey guys, knero here. Build and tips are in the description. The first Trial with the new weapon specific leaderboards, starting off with a Kharabak Trials! However, my run didn’t feel good, so I will keep it short. I hope you still enjoy it :d
1) General tips:
– drop into the arena asap, use your Malkarion legendary ability asap
– After that Malk ability, bait the “bee attack” and STAY CLOSE to its head (otherwise it will fly away) and fill up your AO meter bar
— you can either get hit (like in my run) and continue hitting Kharabak’s head,
— or dodge and hit its head (not losing predator)
– almost always focus head

2) Boop/interrupts and parries:
– At the beginning, you can bait 2 or even 3 boop attacks
– you should be able to shock proc twice (one at the beginning; and one around the enrage)
– you can cause an earlier/later 2nd electrocute depending on how you use AO or which combos you used your combos before the enrage

3) Part breaks/stagger:
– Electrocute lasts about 6 seconds. The same goes for the stagger (if the “stagger stars” appear, it needs about 4 complete heavy combos/crescent strikes to stagger)
– You only have one part break (head) and the OP uptime will last around 7-8 seconds. Head break will occur after roughly 4-6 complete combos after you get the stagger.

4) RNG factors:
– After you drop, whether Kharabak turns and notices you fast or slow is RNG

– Pangar lantern is good since it will deal with the snails/Garys that walk around (they can shoot orbs, and the trail of electricity will hurt you);
– Kharabak is kinda stationary which let’s you frost proc it pretty well
– you can run WF+6 or Zerk+3/WF+3.
– Dauntless Patch 1.6.0
Intro: (0:00)
Use potions and Malkarion ability asap: (0:08)
Ideally, get hit by the first attack; then stay close to head and focus it: (0:16)
Move away & bait the boop: (0:29)
Ideally, hit the boop with AO parry: (0:49)
Accidentally baited a third boop attack: (1:08)
Enrage; electrocute comes quick because of Overdrive: (1:36)
Decided to bait boop, it didn’t do it immediately: (1:57)
Head break: (2:10)
Booped & could’ve died earlier: (2:25)
Outro: (2:57)
– Music: “Reconquest and Liberation (Remix)” by Eddy Pradelles & Laurent Dury (
– Intro song: “Absolute Determination” by Eddy Pradelles & Julien Vonarb (

Intro picture (edited by me), original pictures taken from:

– Outro song: “Jacuzzi” by Jobii (
– Outro picture:

I only use the music in the video for the (educational) gameplay – I do not own any of the songs. If you are the producer/owner of the music, and you do not want your music being shared, please let me know and I will remove the music out of the video.
Video editing program: VSDC (free version) – I edited the video for the educational purposes of playing the game mode “Dauntless Trials” in the game “Dauntless”.