Dauntless Weapon Guide – 6 Strong Axe Builds – Dauntless Patch 1.3.2

Dauntless Weapon Guide – 6 Strong Axe Builds  – Dauntless Patch 1.3.2

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►I noticed a lot of gamers rocking the axe in ramsgate and so here’s a video w/ 6 Axe builds. Axe is probably one of my favorite weapons right now and these are the builds I’ve been using for the weapon aside from the Shock Esca 1 shot terra Axe build. 3 Flawless builds and 3 Iceborne builds. Praying that cells 2.0 brings more variety to these kinds of videos because then I could actually justify using them in game to get different effects.

People like Chain Blades so I make builds for Chain Blades. The weapon is fun I’ve just been enjoying war pike, axe and repeaters a lot more recently. I still wanted to give yall some builds to mess around with though.

►Builds –
0:00 – Intro
0:50 – Flawless Boreus – https://bit.ly/3fQ8W6U
3:25 – Flawless Thrax – https://bit.ly/3eMbeT7
5:17 – Flawless Torgadoro – https://bit.ly/30DYhpk
6:29 – Iceborne Boreus – https://bit.ly/32U1bcD
7:28 – Iceborne Thrax – https://bit.ly/2WJTwcP
8:57 – Iceborne Trogadoro – https://bit.ly/32J1QgW

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