Dauntless Trials – Solo (Rezakiri) 1:22 min with Sword – Day 1 *Top 3*

Dauntless Trials – Solo (Rezakiri) 1:22 min with Sword – Day 1 *Top 3*

Wanted to make a much better thumbnail, but i got like 15min before leaving so, meh. Also had no time to grind better start, attacks and crit RNGy so its all u guys, GL.

Heya guys, i have a Creator Code: CPT-MAELSTROM
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📺Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/cptmaelstrom

⚔️Build: https://www.dauntless-builder.com/b/5OUA6soCoBsB0tXS6uOTjTaACeTaviWCkmHVSoCv3hEdTOCxAuWhjCy1HLFeA

🎶Music: Dion Timmer – Shiawase

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👑Best of my Trial runs (And useful infos):

⚒️Meta Builds Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-I4LQ_8uNqV9LuybXhz2wjmcPeTNNGWRZ-kFjsckwtk/edit#gid=0

💠Outro Anime: Dimension W
🎶Outro song: Blue Eyed Demon

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