Dauntless – Ramsgiving Event 2021 / Cosmetics and Golden Rams

Dauntless – Ramsgiving Event 2021 / Cosmetics and Golden Rams

Get Your Ram themed (not the anime girl) cosmetics between 23rd and 30th!
Free: Repeater, Hammer, Strikers transmogs
Plat shop: Bunch of Returning (Ramsguard Commander set) and New (Armored Ram Weapon, Armor, Lantern Transmogs)

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👑Best of my Trial runs

⚒️Meta Builds Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-I4LQ_8uNqV9LuybXhz2wjmcPeTNNGWRZ-kFjsckwtk/edit#gid=0

💠Outro Anime: Dimension W
🎶Outro song: Blue Eyed Demon

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