Dauntless Master Build List – Part 1 – Discipline & Revenant Strikers

Dauntless Master Build List – Part 1 – Discipline & Revenant Strikers

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Part 1 of creating the master build list for Dauntless, which will attempt to go over pretty much any build you will need.
There is a possibility that a better bond weapon will be coming out for some of these builds soon, in which case I will update the video accordingly.

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(DiscCatalyst = Discipline + Catalyst)
(DiscMol = Discipline No Tonics [molten utility])
(RevAetheric = Revenant No Tonics [aetheric utility])

00:00 Intro
00:47 Opening statement
01:04 DiscCatalyst Intro
01:44 Umbral DiscCatalyst
02:58 Misc Notes DiscCata
03:57 Frost DiscCatalyst
04:44 Radiant DiscCatalyst
06:06 Blaze DiscCatalyst
07:03 Shock DiscCatalyst
07:54 Terra DiscCatalyst
08:26 Neutral DiscCatalyst
08:58 DiscMol Intro
09:39 FrostShockTerraUmbral
10:52 BlazeRadiant DiscMol
11:42 Neutral DiscMol
12:25 RevAetheric Intro
13:23 FrostTerraShock RevAetheric
14:32 Umbral RevAetheric
15:12 Radiant RevAetheric
15:46 Blaze RevAetheric
16:25 Neutral RevAetheric

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