Dauntless Elder behemoth EASY speed farm

Dauntless Elder behemoth EASY speed farm

Elder behemoths are a new addition to Dauntless with the radiant season and in this video I’ll showcase a build and a method to farm the elder behemoths for their new currency in both a fast and easy way. I’ve also hidden a little something in the video again.

WARNING: May contain flashing images.
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💪Build: https://www.dauntless-builder.com/b/EmUKLhdCzgu6NCQFWHkT6TJjURTEzToCA2CzF0C3F1UEC7KuKt7C81HdF6x

Non tonic/catalyst build: https://www.dauntless-builder.com/b/ZeU7zCXCxEin5U2F0H1TKTJ4UYTp4iXC58i8FACgFwYcOCJQHqt3C6yCAFz3
Focus the head more often with this build to try and squeeze out a potential stagger for Overpower+6.

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