Dauntless Boreus Trials – Sword Solo 30s

Dauntless Boreus Trials – Sword Solo 30s

Sorry Boreus, no shield for you today 🙁 ————————–

Sword Build:

– Hop in around 52 and hit the weak spot at around 15-20 seconds in. By the time he gets back up,
you should have a chance to use the bombers on him to keep him from using his shield. Could vary depending on rng.

– Bring crit tonic if you haven’t already for that extra crit damage (It’s almost over :D)

– I’d recommend using Ardent Cyclone for this trial instead of Avenging Overdrive.

Hello everyone, back with another trial attempt.
I was not expecting to get 30s. I would have to say that this is one of my luckiest runs to be honest. If it wasn’t for that weak spot reappearing at the end, I would of not got 30s.
I might try some more throughout the week. See if I can break 30 but other than that, hope you enjoy.

Music provided by Monstercat:
Slippy – Haunted (VIP)

Best of Luck Slayers!