Dauntless | 2nd 2 Unseen Gift Locations + Unseen Alphabet 1.8.0 2021 HD

Dauntless | 2nd 2 Unseen Gift Locations + Unseen Alphabet 1.8.0 2021 HD

The best guide to second set of two Unseen Gifts Locations and the Unseen Alphabet. Discover spine chilling unseen lore and rumorus in six Unseen Gifts hidden throughout ramsgate each week on October 1st 7th and 14th two new gifts will appear. Complete the rumour Quests to unlock spooky cosmetics that will get you in the mood for Dark Harvest and it is upon us Slayers. As a foreboding Autumn takes hold of the Shattered Isles, so too do the Unseen descend on Ramsgate. Or did they ever leave? This shadowy group deals in dark arts, and with each cycle of seasons seem to grow more and more powerful. Now, they have begun conjuring portals and constructing effigies of the umbral Behemoth Shrowd across the Shattered Isles for their own nefarious means. Thankfully, you’re here to prevent their conspiracy from coming to fruition. GMV kinda lol

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